Icaro is your local Sunpower® Premier Partner

We obtained the status as Sunpower® Premier Partner for Central Italy in 2017. As our focus has always been on quality installations, both with regards to photovoltaics and solar heating, this was sort of a must and something that we had been looking at for a while: being able to offer one of the best solar PV modules in the world. The approvation process was rigourous and we have had to commit ourselves to maintain a very high quality in our installations, which again translates into even better guarantees for our clients.

Sunpower has a 30-year history and is a World leader in photovoltaics, dedicating a large part of its revenue to research and development. The company is dedicated to the Italian market for residential PV installations and offers very interesting project financing plans available to everyone who is interested in producing their own electricity using their high efficiency solar panels. Choosing solar modules from Sunpower for your PV installation will guarantee not only a higher electricity production but also mean that you are covered by their 25-year warranty against mechanical defects.