Social Responsibility

Icaro believes in:

  • protecting the environment, helping to reduce the emission of pollutants or toxins into the atmosphere;
  • cutting energy costs for families, reducing electricity and gas bills;
  • cutting energy costs for companies, offering targeted consultation to integrate the energy systems with the production processes.

A company the customer can trust

Our long experience in the renewable energy market has shown us that the best things we can offer our customers are transparent consultations and estimates and a presence in the local area to ensure rapid, practical technical assistance before, during and after the installation.

Our customers can always count on us.


Sustainability always starts at home

Icaro Srl practices what it preaches, and with that in mind, has compiled a report of its greenhouse gas emissions; this report will be updated yearly, and the aim is to keep emission levels under control and reduce them as much as possible.

Trees to help the environment

As a measure of its respect for the environment, Icaro planted a hectare of trees in Brazil to reduce its carbon footprint.

The wind blows over Abruzzo

Icaro installed a small-scale wind power installation in the Municipality of Castiglione a Casauria, whose annual production of clean electricity goes far towards achieving our general goal: to reduce industrial emissions to zero.