Technical assistance on your photovoltaics system

Technical assistance for malfunctions on PV systems installed by Icaro Srl

The systems installed by Icaro Srl are covered by our 2-year warranty in accordance with the Italian Consumer Code. Please call our engineer to schedule an appointment for technical assistance on your system.

Maintenance of the photovoltaic systems

Icaro Srl can provide personalised monitoring services and maintenance contracts for your photovoltaic system. We strongly advise customers to use this service especially for houses that are not inhabited year-round, for people who are not familiar with electrical equipment or those who just don’t want to have to worry about the systems.
A remote monitoring installation will monitor production and ensure that any malfunctions or problems will be quickly dealt with, thereby reducing financial consequences for the customer who will not suffer lost production.

We also offer maintenance services on large third party PV plants situated in Abruzzo.

Our maintenance plan provides for the following:

  • installation of a remote monitoring module on a free loan for use basis
  • monitoring production and signalling any malfunctions
  • intervention within 48 hours in the event of a malfunction
  • monitoring and cleaning the inverter
  • update of the firmware inverter pursuant to legal requirements
  • continued control of panels and string boxes
  • washing the photovoltaic panels
  • checking for wear and tear on the structure and cables
  • any other legally required actions

Please contact us for further details at the addresses in the contact section, or fill out the form at the side.

Inspection of low and medium voltage protection systems on-site

As established by Italian Electrochemical Committee (CEI) regulations, 0-16 and 0-21, the interface protection systems and general protection of all electricity production systems, with > 6kW power must be inspected.

Icaro Srl can carry out the on-site testing with certified relay test boxes. Our SFP series relay tester was designed to ensure complete inspection of the low and medium voltage Interface Protection Systems and General Protection Systems in accordance with the CEI-021 (June 2012), CEI-016 and attachment A.70 Terna regulations.

The certificates will be issued at the end of the inspection and signed by a technician who is registered with the Order of Engineers.

For further inquiries, please give us a call or fill out the form at the side.