Charge up your electric vehicle

The next step after installing a photovoltaic system for your house is choosing your new electric car. We cannot sell you one, but we can offer you the latest solutions to charge up your veichle.

Your personal charging station, or wallbox, can be installed in your garage, your garden or under your carport thanks to its small size.

Charging stations for private use have a power range from 3,7 kW to 22 kW, but 16 kW is the permitted limit for residential installations in Italy.

Why choose a charging station?

A Wallbox charging station has several pros over your average Schüko house plug:

  • They are safer.
  • You can benefit from a tax reduction promoted by the Italian government and recover up to 50% of yout initial costs.
  • The versality of the power settings makes it possible to use only the energy produced by your PV system).

How to choose a wallbox

presa ricarica auto elettrica
Type 1, directly from the USA and Type 2, the European standard

Check you car plug type

Electric vehicles use two different types of plugs:

  • Type 2 IEC 62196 (all new cars from 2017 are equipped with this plug)
  • Type 1 – SAE J772 (some cars use this different system)

Determine your charging power

Power is determined by the maximum power allowed by your car. There are three different types of charging stations:

  • 3,7 kW (about 25 km of autonomy)
  • 7 kW (50 km of autonomy)
  • 11 or 22 kW (these require a three-phase intallation)

Our solutions

Zappi by MyEnergystazione di ricarica e-mobility zappi

Thanks to its display and 3 different charging modes (ECO, ECO+ and FAST), Zappi can provide a complete and user-friendly package.

This compact and smart charging station comes equipped with a pre-installed 8-metre cable, a datalogger and a programmable current limiter.

Furthermore, MyEnergy offers a 3-year warranty.

AMTRON® by Mennekesamtron wallbox e-mobility

The best solution in terms of quality and reliability but… probably the most expensive.

This wallbox is easy to use but offers more advanced options such as RFID authentication to charge more than one vehicle (up to 100 users).

It comes with a pre-installed 7.5 metre cable and 3 charging modes.

There are 5 variants: Start, Basic, Standard, Extra and Premium.

The last two variants, Extra and Premuim, offer a remote-control function via the Mennekes Charge App directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Pulsar by WallboxPulsar Wallbox

This charger is designed specifically for the home and so it is compact, economical and packed of technology and many different features.

Bluetooth connectivity means that all of the Pulsar functionalities can be accessed remotely.

EV Charging Inverter by SolarEdge

This “charging station” is the best solution for people who want to install a new photovoltaic system.

This product combines a PV Inverter with a traditional charging station offering a cheaper alternative in terms of hardware and labour costs.

Thanks to its solar boost mode, it can use your PV and your mains’ electricity at the same time to provide a whopping 9.2 kW charging power.

Even without a PV installation, this inverter can provide a 7,4 kW charging power on its own.