Energy certificates for buildings

Icaro Srl has engineers and architects who are registered with the applicable building energy certification associations, and can therefore offer the following services:

  • Make energy upgrade applications for buildings
  • Design and hook up renewable energy source systems
  • Issue EPC, Energy Performance Certificates (APE in Italian)

Energy certificates rate buildings in accordance with their energy efficiency on the basis of their energy characteristics.

All single domestic properties in Italy have had to obtain this certification since 1 July 2009.

It has also become obligatory to indicate the energy performance rating in all property ads to ensure transparency for the purchasers; this provides the property market with a tool with which it can assess energy bills – an increasingly important consideration.
Energy certification of buildings
The energy performance certificate is necessary to access the National Grid operator incentives and to apply for tax deductions for expenses relating to:

  • Energy upgrade of the building
  • Opaque outside insulation
  • Replacement of existing boilers

The certificate will have to be updated if the house is renovated or work is done to change the energy performance of the house such as replacement of the fixtures, boiler, adding insulation etc.

If the building obtained an Energy Certificate before 06.06.2013, it will not have to be replaced by the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), while the Certificate of Energy Rating cannot replace the EPC.

The EPC should not be considered as yet another cost needed before you can sell your house, but a tool that can give added value to the property which can be quantified by the savings on energy consumption.

The EPC drafting procedure:

Obtaining information

  • Building features and construction elements (land registry certificate, building owner details, location plan)
  • Climate data in accordance with UNI 10349
  • Information on the occupancy and use of the building (heating and air conditioning systems)
  • Information and heat system registration forms (heat generators, distribution and control systems, etc.)
  • Information on any renewable sources (solar heat systems and photovoltaic systems, biomass systems, cogeneration systems, etc.)

Calculation of performance

Identification of the work needed to improve the energy performance and building rating, from the most energy efficient (grade A corresponding to a passive house with consumption of < 15 Kwh/m2 year), to the most energy wasteful (grade G corresponding to consumption > 160 Kwh/m2 year)

Issue of Energy Performance Certificate

Closing the file and sending a copy of the certificate to the Abruzzi Region through the online ENEA portal.

Validity of the certificate

The certificate will be valid for a maximum of ten years, but the energy performance certificate must be updated if the building or energy systems are renovated and the energy features of the building are changed.

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