The heat pump

Comfort and savings for your house

A heat pump system is a simple and inexpensive way to improve your energy efficiency and save on heating costs. It uses minimum electricity to utilise the enormous reserves of heat energy in the air and under the ground to make heating sustainable and financially viable.

Heat pumps ares machines that use electricity to transfer heat from a lower temperature area to a higher temperature one. It operates on the same basis as a refrigerator or air conditioner. A heat pump can therefore be used for either air conditioning or residential heating.

Mature technology with proven results

Heat pump systems are based on a mature technology with proven results and limited maintenance; therefore, they are ideal for improving the comfort levels of your house and work environments (and even produce low-cost hot water).

funzionamento della pompa di calore
Diagram showing the operating cycle of a heat pump.

Why should I install a heat pump?

A residential heating system with a heat pump gives better savings when linked up with a low temperature underfloor heating system. You can make great savings on your bills if you replace a traditional heating system (electric/gas boiler) with a heat pump system; these savings can remove up to 50% off your bill, with a return on your investment after only 4-5 years.

Your savings will be even higher if you install a  photovoltaic system to reduce electricity consumption costs.

comparison between traditional gas/electrical heater and heat pump economy
The efficiency of the heat pump in winter will increase as outside temperatures rise, so thermal kilowatt hours obtained with the heat pump during mid-season periods will cost much less than those obtained with a methane gas boiler.

Versatility in step with the times

The heat pump can be used to heat up places or cool them down so the temperature will always be just right all year round. You can control modern heat pumps by using internet remote control. Use your smartphone to monitor and regulate the heat pump function so your home is always at the right temperature when you get in.

This is also very useful for holiday homes.

Your energy system will cost less than half with the ecobonus

You can obtain two types of tax deduction when you install a heat pump system (for Italian residents): energy savings (65%) and home renovation (50%) deductions.

Otherwise, you can request the Conto Termico incentive which is spaced out over 2 years. The VAT rate is 10% for the purchase and installation of a heat pump.

The advantages of heat pump systems:

  • mature technology with proven results
  • up to 50% cost reduction compared to traditional systems
  • renewable energy source with up to 60% reduction in C02 levels compared to traditional systems
  • year-round comfort
  • worry-free automatic operation
  • can be hooked up to the existing heating system
  • can be combined with solar and/or photovoltaic panels.
  • improved energy classification, increasing the value of the property
  • access to tax benefits.

Use the new experimental D1 tariffs

You may even use the new D1 electricity rates; the D1 rate applies to electricity pumps and has been in effect since 1 July 2014. Compared to the standard D3 rate, the new D1 rate gives savings of about 30%, with the further advantage of having a single electricity line and a single bill.

You can count on the professionals

The size of the heat pump will depend on the type, size and location of your house. It is also important to know the number of people living in the house and their habits and lifestyles in order to design an efficient, well-functioning heating system.

Icaro will design your heat pump heating system to take account of your real energy needs; we will make every effort to ensure minimal visual and sound impact, and optimise integration with household consumption to increase energy efficiency.

Indeed, the system is covered by our installation warranty.

Large-scale consumption systems

We can also design large-scale heating systems for higher consumption levels.

We will simulate all requirements and applications to design the optimal solution and ensure that the efficiency and cost savings can be easily calculated. You can see some of our large-scale consumption heat pump projects here.

Use a photovoltaic system to provide energy to your heat pump

If you link your heat pump to a photovoltaic system, your heat pump will get its electricity from a renewable source to give you further savings on your energy bills.

We have a wide range of brands and models to suit every need. Please contact our technicians at the numbers/email written on the side of this page for a telephone consultation and free on-site inspection.

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