Photovoltaic systems

If you decide to install a photovoltaic system in your home, you are making a wise investment; you will also  have a more reliable energy supply.

Watch the cost of your bills fall rapidly if you generate enough electricity to meet domestic demand.

Guaranteed savings

Electricity bills immediately drop by about 30% on private residences, and if a few lifestyle changes are made, bills can easily drop by as much as 40-45%. There are also new  energy storage devices available that can store the energy generated by the system during the day; this means you can reach 80% self-sufficiency, leaving you relatively independent of the electrical power grid.

Your energy system will just cost you half with the ecobonus

There are tax savings of 50% to be had on photovoltaic systems installed in 2020 for Italian residents. This also applies to energy storage systems for energy to be consumed at night.

Guaranteed quality products

You will have a 25-year warranty on the product and a 25-year warranty on electricity production for the units made by Icaro’s preferred manufacturer: SunPower. If you install a photovoltaic system now, you are making a technologically safe, cost-effective investment that will last at least 30 years.

A trusted partner

Your photovoltaic system will be designed in compliance with regulations according to your energy needs. We will send the required installation notice to the local municipality. This also applies for the GSE (the National Grid operator) net metering procedure, i.e. reimbursement for the value of the electricity put onto the grid. We will obviously take care of all the details, from the financial feasibility study to post-sales assistance.

A company the customer can trust

A photovoltaic system is not cheap and it has to work well over the long term. Since we are based in the area, we can provide assistance, information and timely service over the life of the system. We are just a phone call away!
We will handle all aspects of your project including supply, connection to the grid, application for the net metering along with our after sales service to guarantee a safe investment that will pay for itself in 4-8 years. Our energy solutions are all-inclusive and the engineer and installer will always work closely with the customer to ensure that the photovoltaic system is installed on time, in full compliance with the law.

Hassle-free monitoring and maintenance

This is a very important aspect to the service, especially for people who don’t live in Italy all year long. Your photovoltaic system must be constantly monitored to ensure it is working properly so you can always have the generation and self-consumption figures to hand; you can view these figures on your home computer or smartphone.

We can also provide personalised monitoring and maintenance  services for your photovoltaic system. A remote monitoring system can be installed to monitor production, identify any malfunctions or problems and deal with them quickly, thereby minimising any financial consequences that could be suffered due to lost production. This works for people who never want to have to worry about these things.

Our services include:

  • Energy consultation and a feasibility study
  • Simulation of energy production and financial savings for the photovoltaic system
  • Design of the system in accordance with the space available for the units and annual consumption
  • Complete supply of photovoltaic units, inverters, cables, etc.
  • Supervision of hook up to the electricity grid
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Management of the net metering account and tax deduction paperwork
  • After sales assistance
  • Maintenance service and troubleshooting with remote monitoring (optional)
  • Insurance (optional)

Icaro also works with asbestos removal companies and companies who build wooden pergolas and shelters that can be used to house the photovoltaic system.

Contact our technicians for a telephone consultation and free on-site inspection without commitment at the numbers listed under contacts.

Temperature control and comfort

If a family wants to control its consumption levels, there are also other types of systems available. For example they could consider a  solar heating system, perhaps combined with a  heat pump to ensure great savings on home heating and hot water production.

If you join up these types of systems you get better results in terms of both installation costs and overall savings. You should always get an estimate first however as an integrated system must be designed according to your particular situation in order to maximise energy savings over time.

You may call us or send us an e-mail and we will try to answer all your questions. We may also be available for on-site inspections with no commitment attached.