Increase your self-consumption and reduce your electrical bill by up to 80% with an energy storage solution, which can be used both with new and old PV systems.

Become self-sufficient with storage batteries

PV systems can help you produce energy, but you’ll need storage batteries if you want to become almost completely self-sufficient. Installing a storage system, you will be able to use the energy produced by your PV system during the evening and the night, when you need it the most.

Moreover, batteries can act as a back up in case of  blackout (not to be confused with a UPS). Storage systems will make the most of you PV systems, letting you use up to 70-90% of the energy produced.

Storage batteries for every taste

Lithium-ion batteries, more and more efficient, make the installation of a storage system more affordable thanks to their decreasing prices.

Icaro srl offers different modular battery solutions, such as Senec, SolaX, LgChen and Solarwatt, combined with Fronius and SolarEdge inverters.

The advantages of modular storage

Modular system let you add more storage capacity whenever you want.

These kinds of systems can be configured depending on the client’s needs and can even use more than one battery at the same time.

Operating cycle

Storage batteries make up for one of the biggest downsides of solar panels: they can’t produce energy at night.

Accumulo fotovoltaico con batterie di storage
Typical PV system production curve compared to the average family consumption curve. Usually about 30% of the electrical cunsumption happens during the day. Installing a storage battery it’s possible to store the exceeding energy and use it during the night, when the PV system doesn’t produce energy.

Storage batteries on preexisting PV systems (retrofit)

When you install a storage system on a preexisting PV system you will need only an interface device and a battery – you won’t need a new inverter.

If you need to find the best solution for your home, you can contact us using the contact page.

All the energy you need, when you need it

Chossing the right storage solution depends mainly on your usage and the daily consumption curve. Icaro srl helps you choose the solution that best suits your needs and your PV system.