Solar Heating Systems


Solar heating systems – hot water on tap

A solar heating system is an easy way to improve your home energy efficiency and save on heating costs. The technology used to harness solar energy is simple and reliable; it can be used to produce hot household water which can then be integrated into your home heating system.

What are the advantages of a solar heating system?

Solar thermal panels use solar radiation to produce hot water, with minimum electricity consumption. The ideal choice for both you and the environment A solar heating system gives excellent energy performance. It can produce 70% to 90% of your hot water requirements, shaving a considerable amount off your bills.

Solar heating – the ideal choice for both you and the environment.

Your energy system will cost less than half with the ecobonus

If you live in Italy and install a solar heating system before December 2018, you can avail of a 65% tax deduction on installation costs. Otherwise, you can request the “Conto Termico” incentive scheme which is spaced out over 2 years. There is a 10% VAT rate on the purchase and installation of solar heating systems.

Guaranteed quality Italian products

We have a wide range of both standard and non-standard kits available to suit every requirement – from holiday homes to hotels. We tend to prefer Italian brands, given similar price and quality. Icaro Srl is also an authorised seller and installer of Kloben solar collector systems; Kloben solar collectors are designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy; they are renowned for the high quality of materials used, offering a 5-year warranty on the panels and a 5-year warranty on the solar collectors. All Kloben solar collectors are certified in accordance with the European Solar Keymark scheme.

You can count on the professionals

We will design your solar heating system to take account of your real energy needs; we will take care of all the details to ensure that the visual impact is minimal and optimise integration with household consumption to increase energy efficiency. We will send the required installation notice to the local municipality. The same must be done to avail of the “Conto Termico” (the National Grid operator incentive scheme) or alternatively for the 65% tax deduction by December 2018. Of course the system is also covered by our 2-year installation guarantee.

We won’t settle for anything less than 100% customer satisfaction.

Solar heating systems for companies

We can also design bigger heating systems for large-scale consumption. Every system will be carefully designed and a calculation made to simulate each specific requirement and application to provide an immediate estimate of the effectiveness and cost savings.

Optimised solar heating for temperature control and comfort

Solar heating is not the only system available for families who wish to control their consumption levels. They should also consider integrated solutions. Greatest savings can be achieved by adding a heat pump to the solar hot water heating system to heat the house and join it with a photovoltaic system to produce the electricity needed to work the heat pumps.

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Integrated solar heating and photovoltaics on roof
An example of perfect visual integration of the solar heating system with the PV array. Francavilla al Mare, Chieti.