Thermodynamic solar panels for domestic use

Hot water without limits – even without the sun!

An innovative thermodynamic solar heating system is an easy way to improve your home energy efficiency and save on hot water costs. Thermodynamic solar panels employ highly efficient technology that combines the solar heating with a heat pump  to produce household hot water.

How does household thermodynamic heating work?

The system comprises an internal unit that includes a boiler, compressor, hydraulic circuit, control system and an external panel (black flat plate collector).

It works like a heat pump, but it has a panel that provides a large surface area for heat thermodynamics panel

The advantages of thermodynamic solar heating

  • Thermodynamic solar panels can be installed anywhere, without having to worry about performance since they are easy to position on balconies, terraces, in a garden or on roofs even if they are not facing south.
  • They produce domestic hot water continuously, and even work in winter down to temperatures of about zero degrees.

Unlike traditional solar heating panels, thermodynamic solar panels do not need direct light from the sun, but work 24-hours a day in any weather conditions, even when there is wind, rain or fog. The large surface exchange area gives high efficiency (Coefficients Of Performance): about 4 where there is direct solar irradiation and higher than 3 on average on an annual basis.

Thermodynamic sanitary water heating systems have the lowest management costs of all, lower even than solar heating systems. They can provide energy savings of up to 85% on hot water requirements, reducing your bills considerably.

Thermodynamic solar heating is a powerful alternative to the traditional hot water gas boiler for hot water production, improving energy efficiency.

Your energy system will cost less than half with the ecobonus

If you install a thermodynamic solar heating system , you can avail of a 65% tax deduction on installation costs (for residents of Italy). Otherwise, you can request the “Conto Termico” incentive which is spaced out over 2 years.

The VAT rate is 10% for the purchase and installation of thermodynamic heating systems.

You can count on the professionals

The size of your thermodynamic solar heating system will depend on your real energy needs, and every effort will be made to reduce the visual and sound impact to a minimum while optimising integration with household utilities to improve energy efficiency.

We will send the installation notice to the local municipality. The same must be done to avail of the National Grid operator incentive scheme or alternatively for the 65% tax deduction by December 2019. Of course the system is also covered by our installation warranty.

Optimised systems for temperature control, comfort and savings

The thermodynamic solar power system gives considerable savings on domestic hot water costs, but integrated solutions may be best for anyone who wishes to cut down on consumption levels:

A thermodynamic solar power system teams perfectly with a photovoltaic system to produce electricity since it increases the own-consumption of electricity from renewable sources.

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Installation of a solar thermodynamic heating system on roof.