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Plan right to improve energy efficiency

It has become increasingly important for families and companies to save on energy and fortunately this has become much easier to do. It is quite feasible to design new houses to incorporate optimal energy solutions, but what is the best way to obtain energy savings on existing homes?

Icaro Srl services

Icaro Srl will help you to choose the best strategy to reduce spending on heating, gas and electricity while increasing comfort levels in your home.

Starting from the calculation of your real energy requirements through an analysis of your current annual energy consumption, daily consumption profiles, the type of energy systems already being used and average temperatures in your area, we will be able to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions to ensure you real savings over time.

We provide installation and consultancy services in the following areas:

Photovoltaic systems to reduce electricity bills immediately;

Storage battery solutions to achieve up to 80% self-sufficiency;

Solar heating systems for hot household water that is almost free;

Thermodynamic solar power to get hot water for your home, even without any sun;

Heat pumps to improve residential comfort and lower the costs of heating and cooling;

Air Conditioning using the power of the sun for air conditioning, reducing eletrical energy consumption;




Temperature control, comfort and savings

We will draw up a detailed plan to assess the option of linking up the various systems and propose solutions that are guaranteed to work well and give maximum return on your initial investment.

  • Benefits for households

    You won’t have to worry about energy bills any more if you install one or more renewable energy systems, and also increase the energy rating and value of your house.

  • Benefits for companies:

    It is becoming increasingly important for energy-intensive companies to reduce waste and energy costs and project a green image to both consumers and employees.

Save on Energy

Icaro was established in 2008 as a photovoltaic system installation company; since then Icaro has installed over 450 residential and company systems in Abruzzo and the Marches. We have also greatly expanded our skills and gained extensive experience in providing customised solutions to ensure that our customers receive an all-inclusive, high-quality service.

Our position in the Abruzzo region makes it easy for us to cover the whole of Central Italy, with our maintenance team always available for solving issues.

  • The products

    Icaro uses products by quality suppliers who are willing to adapt the products to accommodate special requirements for complex installations; they also provide after-sales services to give customers skilled assistance if necessary.

  • The services

    Icaro offers an all-inclusive service. Our engineers manage the supply, connection and testing stages, and we have our own installers to ensure that the installation corresponds exactly to the project so that the system will be up and running on time, and the customer is guaranteed a safe, long-term investment.

  • No middlemen

    Icaro can offer its services at very competitive prices since it generally does not work with intermediaries.

  • A single point of reference

    Since there is a single point of reference for all the energy systems to install, the project can be designed to provide optimal integration of all the systems, taking account of all possible weather-related scenarios in your area, and thereby optimising savings over the long term.

  • Assistance

    Customers receive assistance before, during and after installation to ensure that they are kept fully up-to-date on the status of their energy system; any problematic issues are promptly dealt with, so customers don’t have to worry about a thing.

  • Telephone assistance

    The preliminary energy consultation – by telephone or during an on-site inspection – is always free and without commitment; the main purpose is to give an overview of the type of energy solution that would give maximum financial benefits over time for your particular case.

  • Energy consultation for companies

    In complex cases where renewable solutions are to be incorporated into existing buildings requiring detailed economic assessment, the customer will choose which options to adopt from those proposed following a preliminary on-site inspection – free and without commitment.


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